To Build a Home

It's been a year since I left Harlem and I have no plans to ever move back. My heart sings out here in the mountains and the wilds. I am learning to live a new life where photography is not my main focus. For those of you who don't know, I am currently innkeeping at a beautiful little getaway called The Deer Mountain Inn and biding my time, saving money and brainstorming how to begin building my dream.

The dream being a home, haven and community outside of the city where I can host workshops, photoshoots, small shows, dinners and have my chickens and pup running around amidst it all. I feel closer than ever, finally having pried myself out of the city. Saipua started their business on $2500. And bless her for simply STARTING. Even before it was what she wanted it to be. That is what I keep reminding myself- BEGIN. It is better to begin imperfectly, poorly even, as long as you BEGIN. I know that eventually I will need a partner to build this dream with. Whether it is a business partner or a life partner, dreams like this need hands to give it life, but until I find that person... it must be me. It's daunting, scary, exciting and I hardly know where to begin but that's ok too.

I care about being a hub where people can come and be inspired, feel beautiful, be refreshed by nature and human connection. I want to create magazines and hand dyed fabrics. I want other artists to come to this place to find solace, peace and motivation to work. I want to be a home. I have always wanted to be a home. Curated and kind.

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