brandy kostick

Name: Brandy Kostick

Profession: Actor/Singer

Current project: auditioning

What makes you happy: hot chocolate and puggles

What is something you want to tell people but it sounds real douchey of you: I was a performer in NYMF at the age of 15.

What are you afraid of: SPIDERS!!!

What are you wearing. Right. Now. Go: toms, a skirt, a Victoria's Secret tank top and my hair in braids like Heidi

I say: Childhood. Summer. You say:singing at the end of my driveway while my dad mowed the lawn

Wish you had the guts to: just recently conquered this one! Jump off a cliff!!!!

Working with EMMA: Emma made me feel incredibly comfortable in my own skin which made it easy to open up and let my natural emotions take over and show through the lens. She is an incredible talent and the sweetest woman! Work with her now before she becomes too famous