Step One:

These sessions are for you if any of the following apply:


Step Two:

Check that my portfolio matches what you want.

Step One and Two are very important. If you see my aesthetic working well for your vision then we are on a great track.


I currently am offering two types of sessions: Wilds Sessions and City Sessions. If you haven’t worked with me before, the way I work is very relaxed. I try to create space for ease and intimacy so the art has room to breathe and work its own kind of magic around us. I don’t offer or require stylists or HMUA. If this is something you want, you are welcome to do or bring your own. I gently encourage you to focus on this being a simple and stripped experience.

These sessions start at $800

I believe that art should be accessible to anyone. If you are having financial difficulty at the moment but feel passionately about working together I offer a few alternative payment plans that might work for you. I list these in my details page that you will be linked to if you reach out through the form below.

A Brief Overview of The Wilds Sessions

Find your way by car/train/bus to me. I live 2.5 hours outside of NYC in the Catskills. You won’t be sorry, it’s a stunning place.

Half Day Shoot (4 Hrs)

We’ll be shooting predominately outdoors. Be prepared to get dirty and possibly wet.

A Brief Overview of The City Sessions

In my mind the way these play out is that I come to your home and document you and the details of you and your space and your neighborhood.

Half Day Shoot (4 Hrs)

We’ll be shooting mostly indoors or on the streets. I also have a fondness for bodegas. Never underestimate the beauty of your mundane. Every part of your day to day right now is something that you will look back on with nostalgia and fondness.

Step Four:

Reach out about session pricing and details

I read all of the above information and would like to proceed with wild abandon! Send me more details, please! *
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