Part ii:)

Here are all the proofs from your soul sesh for you to go through. It's $30 per extra edit ($20 per edit if you get more than 5 extra.) My only request is that only final retouched images be used to promote yourself in print or online. (These are very low res jpgs anyway and wouldn't do anyone any justice! I want the world to see you in full beauty!) And last but not least if/when you do use the finals please make sure to give proper credit (FB: @EMMA/ Instagram: @theemmaexperience. Print: EMMA of And I will send you any photos I work on for myself to you free of charge (like the one I posted on fb.)

You can send me a list of your final choices in an email with any specific notes on retouching (if any) and they will be back to you within 5-7  biz days:) Thank You and hAppy choosing!