Name: Emily Jackson

Profession: Actress/ Singer

Current projects: 2 short films: one about incest and one about zombies.


What makes you happy: Singing in front of huge crowds, and Dancing like a complete freak maniac.

What is something you want to tell people, but it sounds real douchey of you: I sang the national anthem in front of 20,000 people last year and killed it.  And I just finished a movie playing opposite Aaron Eckhart.

What are you afraid of: The dark and tidal waves

What are you wearing. right now. go: A grey herringbone tweed blazer, A pink fuzzy angora sweater, Earnest Sewn Jeans I found at crossroads for $11, My ex boyfriend's socks, Isabelle marant cowboy boots.

Childhood summer memory: Horseback riding in Montana 

Wish you had the guts to: Backpack the world for 1 year.

Working with EMMA: Emma showed me that I am (and can always be) the badass I imagine myself to be.  She gave me the pictures to prove it.

And every time I look at those pictures, I am reminded of what a fucking awesome, beautiful, and powerful woman I am.

See Emily's EMMA shoot here!