About The Experiment

The EMMA Experience is very excited to introduce The EMMA Experiment.

The Experiment is an exploration of the question, "What makes something beautiful?" Is it about the science of an image? The little details that happen on the facade? Is it about the idea behind the image? Or is it in the quiet pumping of blood or all the history memorized in muscle and bone? Perhaps it's in the chemistry cooked up between a couple of humans in a room working to create something? Perhaps it's in the humanity of it all.

These questions fuel my work, keep me inspired. I am fascinated by the process of chasing mad visions and transformation and intimacy. Most importantly, I want to shine light on the journey rather than the destination. This is why I created 'The Experiment.'




What IS The Experiment?

Right now, The Experiment has manifested as exciting and affordable photo sessions. Part of the profit from these sessions will go to charity and the other part will help fund the Experience Studio so that Team EMMA can continue to grow a bold and beautiful space for artists to come and create together.

What does it cost?

$250 for the 1 hour slot.

$50 of that goes to a charity corresponding to the theme of the day.

How Does it Work?

The Experiment Sessions happen one day every week. The day of the week changes, which is why you have to keep an eye out!

Every Week, Team EMMA will tell you what Day of the coming week will have 5 available Experiment Session slots along with the theme for the sessions and a sign up sheet.

The next sign up day will be Wednesday, July 27th, 2016.

How Do I Sign Up?

 You can sign up for sessions HERE.

The Sign up sheet will be up for 24 hours.

There are three parts to the sign up:

Part 1: Read the concept inspiration, it may be in the form of a poem, a photograph, a film etc... only sign up if the inspiration speaks to you.

Part 2: Fill out the form.

Part 3: Send a photo of yourself.

You can sign up for sessions HERE.

The 5 chosen applicants will be selected at random. They will be notified on Friday by 8pm if they have been selected. Don't worry if you don't get a slot your first time around, you can apply as many times as you want in the coming weeks.

What should I expect?


We will make sure to let the chosen applicants know in advance any specific things they should bring for the session.

These sessions are designed to be wild cards.

Here is what separates The Experiment from The Soul Session:

  •  The Soul Session works as a catalyst for something you (the client) would like to create with me. The Experiment asks you to be a canvas for anything I would like to create with you.
  • The Soul Session is a 3-4 hour experience that is tailored to your needs. The Experiment is a 1 hour (depending on the concept) experience that lets you just enjoy the ride, no need to hang onto the reigns for this one. EMMA will have full artistic control from pre to post production and everything in between.
  • The Soul Session gives you a choice in what final images you receive. The Experiment gives you the surprise of receiving a small selection of finished pieces of the photographer's choosing. This could be in the form of photographs, perhaps a video... you'll find out!