Here’s why you book…

Someone once asked me if my last name was Experience.

It isn’t.

However, I do love creating situations in which art is inspired by the experience itself. A big part of why I decided to turn what I love into something I live off of is for the joy of living out an experience between you, me and our surroundings.

The reason you work with me is not just because you trust in my work and eye as an artist but also because you value the idea of “The Journey is the Destination.”

For those of you wondering how a session goes, let me paint a picture:

You find me either in the mountains or I find you in the city.

If you come to the mountains, I’ll take you on a walk through woods or fields or old abandoned buildings. If we’re in the city, I’ll tour your apartment and neighborhood. Meanwhile, we’ll be getting to know one another in the best possible way: being kids again, playing dress up and getting into all sorts of trouble.

I make a purposeful choice to keep these sessions as casual and easy as possible. I have found that the kind of images I love come from the stripping away of pretense and too much vision. I don’t offer HMUA but you are of course welcome to do your own/ bring someone.

I ask that you entrust me to make art out of you. The more free I am to do what comes naturally the more magical things become in the moment.

So. To sum this up. Book if you’re looking for beautiful, creative, intimate images and a good time.