Who is EMMA

Working with Emma is a uniquely emotional and artistic experience. In a brief amount of time, she somehow managed to identify and evoke a person in me that, apparently, had been waiting to exist. It became cathartic and intoxicating all within a space of absolute trust. I felt purged and cleansed. I felt electric.
— Andy Bean, Friend and Actor
Photo by Sarah Baker

Photo by Sarah Baker




Photography has always been a way for me to connect with people. For many, sitting in front of a camera can be a vulnerable experience. As a photographer I go to great lengths to create a space where that rawness can be explored.

I am interested in opening you up and creating from what's inside. I believe the nature of creating experiences that touch 'beyond' is that they require you to 'become.' I am interested in your potential to be unearthed and transformed. Perhaps it is the only thing that interests me. For me, the best part of unlocking this potential is hearing the stories that come along with it.

There is such beauty in storytelling. We all have stories- the ones we tell ourselves, the ones we tell others, the ones we can barely speak for the fear they may swallow us whole. I believe it is vital to explore these stories. My aim as a photographer is to urge you to delve into yours.

I want our work to light you up from within so that all the without can fall away,

even if just for a moment.


The Team

It takes a village


Emma Mead
Owner/ Photographer

Katie Yazbeck
Production Coordinator

Priscilla Perez
Makeup Artist

Mollie Vogt- Welch
Post Production

Special Thanks to

Sarah Baker and Kellyn Uhl for all your patience and brainstorming powers.