I just digested a bunch of words from the poet, Osho, and immediately put down my phone to write. His message is: risk it all to be, not become. He says we are afraid of death because we are afraid to live. Every writer I have ever loved insinuates the same message: only those who really live are unafraid to die. This hits me hard. I am afraid to die. But what's more disappointing is that this also translates to: I am afraid to live. Woof.

And when I say live, the first thing it brings to mind are those videos of people skydiving or running with the bulls or swimming with whales off the coast of Iceland. And of course it does, I see the parallels between the willingness to risk dying while doing something extreme in order to feel alive. But what I'm really thinking about are all of the moments when you can't be throwing yourself out of planes or down mountainsides... or maybe that's just not your speed (me) so where does that leave me? The point I'm trying to get to, and to try and tell myself, is this: there are immeasurable moments in a human life that could go in the direction of great risk, courage and aliveness.



Emma MeadComment