judy blazer

Name: Judy Blazer (Judith Blazer officially) I use both on stage.

Profession: Actor/singer, musician, teacher, director

Current Project: The role of Joanne in COMPANY at the Pittsburgh Public, then off to the U.K. as "Distinguished Visitor" on a grant from University of Central Lancashire to teach and direct.

Website: www.judyblazerstudio.com

What makes you happy: Kindness. Loving Will Kaufman and being loved by him. Traveling. Kitty Cats. Feng Shuing someones pathetic house and turning into a charming nest, flea markets, antiquity, good food and FRIENDS.

What is something you want to tell people but it sounds real douchey of you: Aside from talent and all the work I've done in theater and T.V. : I come from really good people and I think I am a good person with a good conscience. And a good heart. Being that kind of good is under rated in MOST professions...And I love to make people feel better, whether by laughter or consolation.

What are you afraid of: Failure in anything. Having to do things I am NOT good at.....disappointing ANYone.....not making enough money, illness, and getting lost on a train in a foreign country.

What are you wearing. Right. Now. Go: Black, black and black....with Black.

I say: Childhood. Summer. You say: Rolling in the soft, green grass......my beautiful family all around me......trees, trees, trees.....and NO SCHOOL!!!!

Wish you had the guts to: Stand up to an abusive person, partner, director, and say..."I AM LEAVING and not coming back and I am going to protect the entire WORLD from you."

Working with EMMA: She photographed me right after my Beloved Mother died and she asked NOTHING of me.......just to show up and look into her light....and with all the weight I had in my heart and at age 57, she made me feel ceaselessly beautiful for an entire afternoon........Emma is from her own, kind, imaginative planet, where everyone is elevated to her supernatural essence when they visit her.