Name: Katie Gell

Profession: Actress, Model, Comedian, Wigmaker, Makeup Artist

Current project: Live Events, Commercials, making wigs for Motown, the Rockettes’, etc.


What makes you happy: Bette Midler, Fall, Pumpkin Spice things, Food-all food, Wine and shoes

What is something you want to tell people but it sounds real douchey of you: I was asked to audition for Woody Allen’s casting director and then was called back to audition for Woody Allen himself.

What are you afraid of: Regret

What are you wearing. Right. Now. Go: Jeans, a metallic sweater, striped socks that don’t match.

I say: Childhood. Summer. You say: My Grandparent’s house and their community swimming pool where I took lessons.

Wish you had the guts to: Chop my hair off

Working with EMMA: Definitely changed my life. She made me feel beautiful, comfortable and confident. My Grace Kelly type shoot was a dream come true. She is such an artist and has such a great vision. I would love to shoot with Emma all the time, even if for a fun day off, abstract shoot.

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