Name: Katrina Cunningham

Profession: Singer/Actress/Dancer

Current project: Nutcracker Rouge (A Baroque Burlesque Confection), Nothing Serious (Film), and my first album which is currently untitled!


What makes you happy: Making people laugh. The opportunity to play! To play people in films, to be playful with my emotions and my body in dance and singing. To indulge.. in food and beauty and love. (See also: big words, my girlfriend, anachronism)

What is something you want to tell people but it sounds real douchey of you: Oh I love to be a showoffy douchebag. (See "Current project") What are you afraid of?:

What are you afraid of: Harm to my family. A(nother) job I hate. Losing my voice. Powerlessness.

What are you wearing. Right. Now. Go: Bright orange fuzzy pants that look like an old blanket, A beige fuzzy muted leopard print robe, mint colored toenail polish that has been there way too long. Cute?

I say: Childhood. Summer. You say: Picking up garbage and leaves from the sidewalk and calling it a clue to the Magical Mystery Men, which was a group of girls who made up scary stories about where garbage came from. Also, Seed spitting contests.

Wish you had the guts to: Belt in a song.

Working with EMMA: As I mentioned before, it makes me happiest to play and discover. Shooting with Emma fulfills just that. The goal in a room with Emma is never to make something "look good." It's to discover the beauty in honest, imaginative moments. I've felt more empowered and informed in a session with Emma than I have in whole acting courses. She gives me the space to come out of my shell and nurtures the furthermost corners of my personality so that one shot can feel like a whole story. Many photographers will have a model pose until they get the shape they want. Emma gives you space to play, and she herself, plays along.

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