The EMMA Experience is very excited to introduce The EMMA Experiment.

The Experiment is about exploring lush imagery and storytelling. Consider these sessions like a Wild Card. You sign up without any idea what will happen.

Before you sign up, make sure you're clear on all the details about how this works HERE.

To make up for my two week absence from these sessions, 5 open slots will be available this Tuesday, July 26th AND again on Friday, July 29th 2016.

The Storyline/Mood/Theme for Tuesday's Sessions:

I recently had two people I love pass away. Eliza was a childhood friend of mine. She was beautiful and bright. She was the tiniest of all us kids with the skinniest, little limbs. She sent me texts often that said 'Love you! Thinking of you!' She was 28 when she passed two weeks ago. My 98 year old Grandma June passed away two days after Eliza. Grandma had smiley eyes and wore soft sweaters and pink lipstick. She cooked us pot roast and loved cocktail hour (which happened every day at 3pm.)

Somewhere between the grief of loss and the praise for life lived we are reminded what matters to us. We rediscover the way sun feels on our face or the way emotions sit in our bodies. We become acutely aware of how much we love who we love. We see how vulnerable we are when we love. Perhaps we wish we loved more, perhaps we wished we loved less... but we see the pain that comes from not expressing it enough.

For this session, I want to express love for the moments and the people who we live with everyday. I want to draw your attention to your breath and to the motions you make, the words you speak, to the way it feels to embrace and be embraced by someone you love or by your own loving self. This is about life and death and all the things in between. This is about grief and praise.

"Grief is an obligation to the life one has been awarded, an obligation to life to make more life." -Martin Prechtel

The Storyline/Mood/Theme for Friday's Sessions:



Fill out the form below to apply. Take as much time as you need. You have until 11pm Thursday July 21st to sign up.

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I am willing to be naked *
Nudity will always be done in good taste.
I am willing to get dirty *
ex: painted, covered in earthly things such as dirt or moss, food items, wax, glitter etc...
I am willing to get wet *
ex: in the bathtub, in a lake, in the ocean or a stream.
I am willing to be paired with a stranger *
This could be to play out a story as friends, lovers or cohorts. You could be paired with someone of the same or opposite sex.
I am willing to take a daytrip *
It's nice to shoot out and about beyond the confines of the city, perhaps the woods or the ocean would make for a grand getaway. This may also require a very early morning depending on what kind of light is called for.
I am willing to share my story with the world *
It takes courage to believe that sharing your story (especially something painful or difficult) could be cathartic. But it often is, not only for you, but for others who hear it.


ALMOST DONE! Once you submit this form, you will be asked to send a photo of yourself to:

Please make sure your face is visible, preferably no smiling, it helps me to see what canvas I will be working with.

If you have submitted your photo you are Done! Best of Luck!