The EMMA Experience






farmland outside of Rochester, NY. As a kid she spent most of her time reading, drawing and making music videos with her friends. When she got older, she decided she was going to study fashion design in NYC. She left her small town and went to Suny Purchase to study costume design in their theater conservatory.


After college, Emma moved around for awhile. She lived in Northampton, MA and struggled with a lot of anxiety and depression. This was perhaps the most important struggle she faced, it shaped her as an artist and a person.

Soon after she moved to Maine to work on a farm with a couple of her closest friends for half a year. Eventually she moved to Brooklyn. After a few months, a good friend called her up with a job offer to work wardrobe for a theater in Connecticut.

Emma worked at Goodspeed Musicals in East Haddam, CT for 4 years, Over that period of time she transitioned from wardrobe to wig mistress and also re- found her love for photography. After Goodspeed, Emma moved back to the city, this time she went to Harlem and she opened up her own photography business, which was dubbed: The Emma Experience. 

Emma took a year and a half long sabbatical from her work and her life in NYC. Long enough to learn that life was ready to change. She now lives in the Catskills and works part time at a beautiful inn with a family of people who have become like family.

Emma is currently making plans to take a long and well documented road trip around the country with her dog, Fitzgerald. Perhaps you will meet her on her journey. She hopes so.